All our essential oils and floral waters are certified as organic by Austria Bio Garantie. For the production of essential oils, vegetable oils, floral waters and cosmetics, we cultivate or buy all our raw materials only from certified organic farms.

Most of our ingredients and raw materials are grown locally. We either produce them ourselves or work together with farmers. We control every step of the production from the field to the bottling. We monitor the distillery, cold pressed nuts and seeds and the stone mills. Our rose oil is from the Rose Valey, our lavender grows in the fields of Thrace. The sweet almonds are also from Bulgaria. As for the latter, a Californian trader dealing with almonds for 20 years told us at BioFach Fair: “Your almonds are the best, I would buy 200 tons on the spot”. But, alas, in Bulgaria there are only limited areas where the very sensitive almond trees can thrive.